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Patent Lawyers Waterloo - Our teams of Intellectual Property lawyers are recognized for its innovation and excellence in the numerous services associated to acquisition, commercialization, and enforcement of intellectual property assets.

In our team; we have over ninety experts, with knowledge in three main services: Prosecution, Litigation and Business. Our legal practice focused on intellectual property rights is among the best in the nation. Our intellectual property team has knowledge in the fields of patents, designs, trade-marks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Our litigators are among the very best in the planet.

Our teams knowledge extends into the fields of audits, due diligence, portfolio analysis and other connected services that are part of corporate transactions and financing. We are professionals in the assessment of technology for intellectual property protection, including methods for portfolio development involving procurement of rights, licensing and commercialization methods, and offensive and defensive litigation.

Our team consists of technical consultants, intellectual property lawyers and patent and trade-mark agents. We have strong backgrounds and practical experience in engineering and scientific sectors. In science the team has knowledge in biomechanics, biochemistry, biotechnology, food science, chemistry, endocrinology, immunology, life sciences, genetics, microbiology, molecular/cellular biology, pharmacology, physics, physiology, neuropsychology, toxicology, neurophysiology and organic chemistry. In engineering disciplines, team members excel in the following fields: aerospace, biomedical, chemical, civil, computer science, industrial, electrical, mechanical, material science and metallurgy.

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Waterloo Lawyers

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Waterloo, Ontario

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Waterloo is a city in Southern Ontario, Canada. It is next to Kitchener City, and one of the smallest of the three cities within the Municipality of Waterloo. It is a part of the assigned 675,000 acre land to the Iroquois alliance that consists of the League of Six Nations. The city has a yearly nine-day festival in the twin cities of Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. This particular event is based on the German Oktoberfest, and is usually coined as Canada's Greatest Bavarian Festival. It begins on the Friday which precedes the Canadian Thanksgiving, and runs until Saturday after.

Waterloo is a haven for those who are into culture and arts. The city is home to numerous galleries which feature different artistic creations that range from symphonies to jewelry and painting...